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Welcome to The Arvind Stores

About Arvind

In the midst of freedom outbreaks and burning rebellion, the Lalbhai brothers; Kasturbhai, Narrottambhai, Chimanbhai decided to give India the very fabric that will be worn for years to come. Established in the 1930s, right in the heart of Ahmedabad, the Arvind Store was born. From time and again, The Arvind Store has been a part of men’s fashion story, told and retold through our myriad fashion trends and fads. To give our customers a melange of western culture, The Arvind Store also collaborated with known names in the fashion industry. We are as much about administering finest off-the-rack apparels as we are about custom-tailoring your look. A diverse mix of heritage and novelty, that’s the name you can trust. That’s the name of Arvind!

Our Brands

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With access to the world’s finest tailoring fabrics and a rich heritage, The Arvind Store also houses readymade clothing from renowned brands like U.S Polo and Arrow.



The Arvind Store
Door No. 27-1-10, Ground Floor, Ranga Prasad Plaza,, Juvvala Palem Road, West Godavari, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh 534202
088162 32255, 7675932255