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Organic Store

Organic Store
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Organic Besan Flour

Organic  Besan Flour500gm = Rs.85/-..


Organic Brown Sugar

Organic  Brown Sugar1kg = Rs.143/-..


Organic Corn Flour

 Organic Corn Flour500gm = Rs.55/-..

Organic  Groundnut Oil(Chekka ganuga) Latest

Organic Groundnut Oil(Chekka ganuga)

 Organic Groundnut Oil(Chekka ganuga)1Litre = Rs.380/-..


Organic Groundnuts

Organic  Groundnuts500gm = Rs.120/-..


Organic Jaggery

Organic Jaggery500gm = Rs.89/-..


Organic Jowar Flour

  Organic Jowar Flour500gm = Rs.60/-..


Organic Kharasev(Kharalu)

Organic Kharasev(Kharalu)200gm = Rs.80/-..


Organic Kodo Millet(Arikalu)

Organic Kodo Millet(Arikalu)500gm = Rs.90/-..


Organic Sai minapagullu

Organic Sai minapagullu500gm = Rs.105/-..


Organic Soya Flour

 Organic  Soya Flour500gm = Rs.70/-..


Organic 7 Grain Methi Atta

Organic 7 Grain Methi Atta1kg = Rs.95/-..

Organic Barley Flour Latest

Organic Barley Flour

Organic Barley Flour500gm = Rs.55/-..


Organic Barnyard Millet(Udalu)

Organic Barnyard Millet(Udalu)500gm = Rs.110/-..

Organic Castor Oil(Amudam) Latest

Organic Castor Oil(Amudam)

Organic Castor Oil(Amudam)250ml = Rs.120/-..


Organic Chakli(Chakralu)

    Organic Chakli(Chakralu)200gm = Rs.80/-..


Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar500gm = Rs.360/-..


Organic Fruit and Veggi Wash

Organic Fruit and Veggi Wash500ml = Rs.249/-..


Organic Green Gram Split(Pesarapappu)

Organic Green Gram Split(Pesarapappu)500gm = Rs.100/-..


Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic Jaggery Powder500gm = Rs.84/-..


Organic Kodbali(Chakodi)

Organic Kodbali(Chakodi)200gm = Rs.80/-..


Organic Massor Dal(Yerra Kandipappu)

Organic Massor Dal(Yerra Kandipappu)500gm = Rs,95/-..


Organic Minapagullu Black

Organic Minapagullu Black500gm = Rs.100/-..


Organic Minapappu

    Organic Minapappu500gm = Rs.95/-..

Organic Multigrain Atta Latest

Organic Multigrain Atta

Organic Multigrain Atta750gm = Rs.90/-..


Organic Nippat(Appadam)

Organic Nippat(Appadam)200gm = Rs.80/-..

Organic Olive Oil Latest

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil500ml = Rs.675/-1Litre = Rs.1100/-..

Organic Organic desi Cowghee Latest

Organic Organic desi Cowghee

Organic Organic desi Cowghee500gm = Rs.645/-..


Organic Palm Sugar

Organic Palm Sugar500gm = Rs.390/-..


Organic Peanut Masala

Organic Peanut Masala200gm = Rs.85/-..


Organic Pedda Shanagalu

Organic Pedda Shanagalu    500gm = Rs.95/-..


Organic Pesalu(Green Gram)

Organic Pesalu(Green Gram)500gm = Rs.110/-..


Organic Proso Millet(Varigalu)

Organic Proso Millet(Varigalu)500gm = Rs.90/-..


Organic Quinoa Millet

Organic Quinoa Millet500gm = Rs.190/-..


Organic Ragi Flour

Organic Ragi Flour 1kg = Rs.120/-500gm = Rs.65/-..


Organic Rice Flour

 Organic  Rice Flour500gm = Rs.43/-..


Organic Sai minapappu

Organic Sai minapappu500gm = Rs.110/-..


Organic Sulphurless Sugar

Organic Sulphurless Sugar500gm = Rs.115/-..

Organic Sunflower Oil Latest

Organic Sunflower Oil

Organic Sunflower Oil1Litre = Rs.265/-..


Organic Toor Dal

Organic Toor Dal1kg = Rs.195/-..


Organic Whole Wheat Atta

 Organic Whole Wheat Atta1kg = Rs.64/-..