Nani's Gang Leader Movie Review !

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Movie : Nani's Gang Leader

Rating : 3/5

Main Cast : Nani , Karthikeya , Priyanka Arul , Lakshmi , Vennela Kishore etc.,

Director : Vikram Kumar
Producer : Mythri Movie Makers
Cinematography : Mirosla Kuba
Music Director : Anirudh 
Release Date : September 13, 2019

Other Reviews: Great Andhra: 2.5/5 Idle Brain: NA  123Telugu:  3.25/5


  • Nani and Lead Roles
  • Music 


  • 2nd Half
  • Predictable

Story & Final Verdict:                     

        Natural Star Nani after the Super Hit Jersey, Now teamed up with Vikram K Kumar who is unique in his scripts under Mythri Movie Makers to a film "Gang Leader" Which released this friday, Let us look into the review of Who the Gang Leader is What is the Gang and so on.

          A bank robbery happens in Hyderabad and 300 crores are robbed. But after a while, an old lady( Lakshmi ) forms a gang and approaches Pencil Parthasarathy(Nani), a crime novel specialist for help. Initially, Pencil ignores the gang but later decides to help them. Who are these women? What do they have to do with the bank robbery? How will Pencil help them? and where does Dev played by Karthikeya feature in this setup ? To fill up all these questions we must watch in the big screen.         Coming to Performances and Technicalities Nani is in form with his fantastic performance after Jersey, he delivers again with his comedy timing. He is an able performer and gave his best to this one as well. Karthikeya makes a good impact and dominates the proceedings. New Heroine Priyanka Mohan is pretty ordinary. Lakshmi, Saranya and the gang are good. Priyadarshi, Vennela Kishore and others are good at their roles. Music is good and couple of songs are decent and we can say this is the anirudh's best work for a telugu movie, DOP and Production values are decent, Director Vikram kumar handled in a neat manner with some routine stuff here and there but can do better in second half.

         On a Whole 'Gang Leader` is an Revenge Comedy with a Predictable Narration. The 1st half of the film is passable but the 2nd isn`t packed with enough in it to be a Decent watch. It runs on a predictable note right from the beginning and the lack of proper thrills doesn`t help the proceedings either. This can be tried to kill some time but go with low expectations and enjoy in big screen.

Bottom Line:  Watch it With Your Gang With Low Expectations !

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