Brochevarevarura Movie Review !

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Movie : Brocherevarevarura

Rating : 3/5

Main Cast : Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas, Satya Dev, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rahul Ramakrishna, Priya Darshi etc.,
Director : Vivek Athreya
Producer : Vijay Kumar Manyam
Cinematography : Sai Sriram
Music Director : Vivek Sagar
Release Date : June 28, 2019

Other Reviews: Great Andhra: 3/5 Idle Brain: 3/5  123Telugu:  3.25/5


  • Lead actor Performances
  • Comedy Scenes
  • Screenplay


  • Some Scenes in second half

Story & Final Verdict:                     

       Sree Vishnu and Vivek Atreya Who worked earlier for "Mentak Madhilo" teamed up again for a entertaining thriller "Brocherevarevarura" Teaser created good hype among normal audience and movie released this friday, Lets look into detail how the movie is and other technical aspects in it.
       "Brocherevarevarura" is all about the story of R3 batch – Rahul (Sree Vishnu), Rambo, Rocky (Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna) and their college friend Mithra (Nivetha Thomas). Movie revolves around How Mithra tries to escape from her problems who is the daughter of strict principal and how Rahul and his friends help her? What new problems they encounter with? How do they overcome is all this brochevarevaru is about? on the other hand another story is happening between Satya Dev who is aspiring to become a film director and Nivetha Pethuraj who is already a heroine and how did they meet and how these two characters connected to Rahul and his batch roles what are the troubles they faced and how they overcome is all this Brochevarevarura is about.
       Coming to the artists performances and Technical aspects Lead role Sree Vishnu impressed with his ease and nivetha is huge positive with her dance skills and her expressions and the remaining lead characters Satya Dev , Nivetha Pethuraj and Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi excelled with this performances, main positive of the movie is Lead actors Performances, Coming to Songs and other things Vivek Sagar’s music is neat. ‘O Vagaladi’ song is catchy. Cinematography is decent and good production values. Coming to the Director After his directorial debut Mental Madhilo, Vivek Athreya has come up with a racy, edgy crime comedy Brochevarevarura. On the whole, Brochevarevarura is a crime comedy which has good fun and entertaining thrills to watchout this Weekend.

Bottom Line:  Youthfull Comedy Thriller !

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