Bellamkonda Srinivas and Kajal's Sita Movie Review

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Movie : SITA

Rating : 2.25/5
Main Cast : Bellamkonda Srinivas , Kajal Aggarwal , Sonu Sood etc.,
Director : Teja
Producer : Anil Sunkara
Cinematography : Sirisha Raay
Music Director : Anup Rubens
Release Date : May 24, 2019

Other Reviews: Great Andhra: 2/5 Idle Brain: NA  123Telugu:  2.75/5


  • Kajal Agarwal
  • Sonu sood
  • 1st hour


  • Predictable
  • 2nd half

Story & Final Verdict:        

              After Kavacham Bellamkonda Srinivas and Kajal paired up again with the Director Teja who recently gets a good hit with "Nene Raju Nene Mantri", their film Sita released this friday lets look into the details of Sita. Sita (Kajal) is a highly-money minded who does business When she got trouble over a property, she takes the help of a local MLA Basavaraju (Sonu Sood) He helps her and in return asks to be his love partner. Sita (Kajal) denies and MLA Basavaraju starts creating troubles to her business. Suddenly, Sita's (Kajal) father dies and relates his crores of money to Ram (Bellamkonda Srinivas). Sita(Kajal) can only get that money if she marries Ram, Sita now heads to Bhutan where Ram (Bellamkonda Sai) lives in a Buddhist Place. He looks like simple person but he is very intelligent. Later Part of the Story have to watch in theatres only.

              Director Teja Commenced the movie very well, the first 60mins of the movie is interesting and then started the harder part, Director failed miserably with illogical scenes and predictable 2nd half, If we look into artist's Performance Kajal gave 100% efforts as a lead role where the entire story revolves around her and Bellamkonda Srinivas as Ram did a good performance and Sonu sood as villain is excellent, While coming to Technical aspects Camera work is good and music by Anup rubes is just ok where the two songs is catchy and production values are good and director Teja didnt gave his best. While coming to the conclusion Sita is a below average fare with good start and boring 2nd Half. Watch it if you cant beat the summer at your home and waiting for a Movie to watch. 

Bottom Line:  Boring and illogical !

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