Kalyan Ram's 118 Movie Review !

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Movie : 118

Rating : 3/5
Main Cast : Kalyan Ram , Nivetha Thomas , Shalini Pandey , Prabhas Sreenu etc.,
Director : K V Guhan
Producer : S M Koneru
Cinematography : K V Guhan
Music Director : Sekhar Chandra
Release Date : March 1, 2019

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  • Kalyan Ram and Nivetha Thomas 
  • Rich Visuals
  • Interval Bang


  • Routine Flashback

Story & Final Verdict: 

       After Disaster of Kalyan Ram's Last movie Kalyan Ram interested to change in his story selection and came up with a Thriller "118". Lets look into 118 in a brief Gautam(Kalyan Ram) is a journalist who keeps getting weird dreams about a girl(Nivetha Thomas) getting killed. After a point in time, Days later, Gautham realizes that the dreams hold some clues to a real-life incident.  He learns that the woman of the dreams exists in reality. , he decides to investigate the case himself along with his friend(Prabhas Sreenu) and fiance(Shalini Pandey). Who is this girl? What does she have to do with Gautam? Is there a back story to this 118?

       The concept of the film is interesting and the director cum DOP Guhan has narrated the film well for the most part. The lead characters Kalyanram , Shalini Pandey , Nivetha Thomas made a good commendable job in their roles Kalyan Ram was very impressive and carried the film on his shoulders. The Production values are very much impressive and rich in every frame and Director and DOP K V Guhan made so rich visuals with his camera work and music by sekhar chandra also good and BGM could be better, By looking at conclusion, 118 is a simple and neat thriller which has been made with no unnecessary deviations. It has good thrilling moments thoroughly and the suspense is carried out neatly. The second half slows down things a bit and flashback is predictable. 118 will surely attract the A center audience. if you are a thriller movie lover 118 is worth watch you should not miss for.

Bottom Line:  Decent Thriller to Watch this Weekend !

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