Free Mega Medical Camp, at Imperial Hospitals Bhimavaram

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Bhimavaram :  Imperial Hospitals at Bhimavaram, provides a Free Mega Medical Camp on Nephrology and pulmonology on Wednesday, 21st November 2018.This camp runs from 9:00 Am in the Morning to 4:00 Pm in the Evening.In this Camp, the Kidney related diseases, and T.B, Cough, Weariness, Lung diseases are tested for Free of cost.
      In this Camp, the medical Specialists who Involved are:- 1) Dr. BhupathiRaju Ashok Varma (M.D., D.M) a Nephrologist, Kidney Specialist and Renal Transplant Physician. 2) Dr.S. PurnaChand (M.D., Chest) a  pulmonologist and expert in Lungs and Breathing diseases. The Constellation is free for every one. 
              In Nephrology, for Rs 699/- the checkups are Ultrasound KUB, Creative RBS, and Haemoglobin CUE. And in pulmonology, for Rs 499/- the checkups are Chest Exray, Complete Blood Count, Lungs Functioning Test are available. This is an Utilizable opportunity for the patients as they provide the Checkups at the Low cost. For 24 hrs, Dialysis services a cost of Rs 1500/- is to be paid.

For more details, Contact:- 9640599199, 9553599799.

Address:-  Imperial Hospitals Bhimavaram, 27-14-13A, Opposite to the street of Ganesh Canteen, Back side of Bhayam School, Juvvalapalem Road, Bhimavaram 2. Contact details:- 08816-279988, 279999. And for Rs 5000/- Valuable Master Health card checkup can be done at the cost of Rs 2500/- only.

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