I Love Bhimavaram at Vishnu College Campus

Posted by pavan 10/10/2018 0 Comment(s) BVRM News / Events,

 The scenery I Love Bhimavaram is set up at Vishnu college to show the love towards their city.A place for best photo shoots, pleasant atmosphere. 

Bhimavaram is a city in West Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state of India.It was originally called "Bhimapuram",but the name gradually changed to "Bhimavaram"; "puram" refers to a dwelling place while "varam" means an endowment in Telugu.It is a place where legends are born,which has high prosperity ,wealth and has rich heritage in agricultural activities,life style,wealth and so on.

 It is more famous for aquaculture,sea foods,fish/prawn ponds and Cock-Fights during festival times.Apart from that it is also famous for  beautiful scenaries ,Temples ,colleges ,Sweets ,Restaurants and so on.

"Simply it resembles the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere than compared to any other area in our state."

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