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Anjeer Dryfruits

We provide supreme quality Anjeer Dry Fruit Ice Cream. These are highly appreciated for its delicious an..

₹140/- Ex Tax: ₹140/-
Banarasi Pan Dilbahar Latest

Banarasi Pan Dilbahar

Paan Dil Bahar Ice Cream is just scrumptious, From the looks to the taste to the texture..every thing superrrr ..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-
Choco Chip Confessions Latest

Choco Chip Confessions

ChocoChip Confessions  ice cream with chocolate chips is creamy and rich in flavor ...

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry Ice Cream is the best tasting summer dessert. Nothing beats creamy ice cream made from scratch..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Fruit Mashup

It is usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other&n..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Go Bananas

These luscious, creamy, indulgent treats are made with a base of banana or avocado, so you get all the goodnes..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Green Apple Treat

Green Apple ice cream is everything you could ever want from a Granny Smith minus the pesky seeds and worms. It's a..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Guava Mirchi

Guava Ice Cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined wi..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Kaju Gulkand

Gulkand ice  is easy, soft, and delicious.It is known to be great for summer and provides required cooling to your ..

₹140/- Ex Tax: ₹140/-

Kala Jamun

Jamun Ice Cream made with fresh, sweet Jamun, with shaved chocolate folded in. Jamun Ice Cream is a no churn, eggless ic..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Kesar Dry Fruits

Kesar Dry Fruit  are made from high quality ingredients along with lot of dry fruit and&nb..

₹140/- Ex Tax: ₹140/-
Kitkat Break Latest

Kitkat Break

Take a break with Kit Kat candy pieces and chocolate light ice cream. This combination is sure to be a pick-me-up...

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Kiwi Crumble

The kiwi takes on a creamy consistency with wonderfully crunchy seeds. Its unique flavour complements the card..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-
Mango Maska in Peach Paradise Latest

Mango Maska in Peach Paradise

Mango Maska in Peach Paradise..

₹230/- Ex Tax: ₹230/-
Oreo Mudslide Latest

Oreo Mudslide

Oreo Ice Cream is a combination of an easy vanilla ice cream and roughly crumbledoreos...

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Pulpy Orange

This delicious ice cream is processed under the guidance of our seasoned professionals using pure milk and pulpy orange ..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-
Red Valvel Monkey Madness Latest

Red Valvel Monkey Madness

Red Valvel Monkey Madness..

₹150/- Ex Tax: ₹150/-
Rich Cocca & Peanut Butter Puddles Latest

Rich Cocca & Peanut Butter Puddles

Rich Cocca & Peanut Butter Puddles..

₹230/- Ex Tax: ₹230/-

Sitaphal Saga

Sitaphal is a lovely, exotic fruit that is common in India and when in season, a great ingredient to add to or serv..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-
Sizzling Brownie Latest Only @ Our Store

Sizzling Brownie

Sizzling brownie is a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice-cream on top served with a generous pouring o..

₹240/- Ex Tax: ₹240/-
SummerKing Swirl Latest

SummerKing Swirl

SummerKing Swirl is the perfect sweet summer scoop..

₹150/- Ex Tax: ₹150/-